How you help

Did y’all know that a portion of your ticket purchase goes to helping save our oceans? So far, Tortuga fans have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Rock The Ocean Foundation, who helps fund conservation organizations both locally and globally.

Together, Tortuga fans have helped contribute to AMAZING causes, including:

  • Sea Turtle Oversight Protection (STOP) – Funds raised by your ticket purchase help supply infrared body cameras for STOP volunteers during overnight turtle monitoring patrols, as well as helping fund in-water research.
  • Sharks4Kids – Tortuga fans help create a new generation of shark advocates by providing educational materials (curriculum, games & activities) to teachers to integrate shark education into their science programs.
  • Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) – With your support, REEF will continue to develop lionfish response plans.  Lionfish are an invasive species affecting our coastlines.  REEF organizes lionfish removal projects and derbies, conducts research, and more.
  • Bimini Sharklab – With funding from Tortuga attendees, the Sharklab will be able to purchase more acoustic tags to assist in their efforts to understand the movement patterns and habitat use of sharks off the island of Bimini.
  • And many more organizations!

Rock The Ocean’s Conservation Village

Rock The Ocean’s Conservation Village is an arena of exhibits within the festival grounds that offers a variety of interactive, educational experiences to festival-goers. It’s no secret that the oceans are in trouble, but research and smart conservation practices can make radical improvements to our marine environments.

2017’s Conservation Village will bring fun games, interactive touch tanks, cooking exhibitions, the latest ocean technology, and educated fans on how we can all make a difference to help to restore vibrancy to our oceans!


Rock The Ocean Foundation

The Rock The Ocean Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for profit whose mission is to increase public awareness about the issues impacting the world’s oceans and to support scientific research, education and ocean conservation initiatives through benefit concerts, lifestyle apparel, brand partnerships, and entertainment industry events.

Want to know the issues?

While there are numerous threats to our oceans today, Rock The Ocean is focused on bringing attention to five main issues. Each of these issues has a detrimental impact on the health, vitality, and future state of the oceans, and they’re all things that we can make a personal effort to fix.

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